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Based in Las Vegas, Michael Luzich is a skilled entrepreneur and a knowledgeable international businessman who – outside of his impressive career – is an accomplished racer who has competed around the globe.

The Race To Stay ‘Ahead Of The Curve’


When most people think about auto racing, their thoughts are focused on the speed, fierce competition and inherent thrill of the sport.

However, for Michael Luzich, his love of auto racing is very much in line with his commitment in his business ventures to always remain “ahead of the curve.”

Not unlike his extensive history as a successful international businessman, Mr. Luzich views his racing success, in large part, as an intellectual pursuit and an attempt to “defy the laws of physics.”

Mr. Luzich’s interest in the sport of racing spans several decades and evolved along with his success as an international investor. As his interest in the sport grew, so too did his involvement with formal racing, particularly in Europe. As both a driver himself, and more recently as the owner of Luzich Racing Ltd. Mr. Luzich has achieved considerable success in the sport; most significantly, in the 2019 Le Mans Series debut in which Luzich Racing won the European Le Mans Series. The victory marked Luzich Racing’s second consecutive major title, having previously won the 2018 International GT Open championship.

Although he views racing as both an intellectual and physical challenge, Mr. Luzich has never been immune to the visceral excitement of the sport. As a race car driver, Mr. Luzich has owned – and driven – an array of impressive and unique racing cars. His most notable race cars include various Ferrari race cars which participate in the Ferrari Corse Clienti Programme.

Mr. Luzich’s prized collection of racing cars also includes the 599 XX EVO, the FXX-K EVO, and a Ferrari Formula One race car. He is also one of only 10 people worldwide to own all three versions of the LaFerrari Series – the LaFerrari, the LaFerrari Aperta and the FXX-K EVO. Having established a global reputation within the racing community, Mr. Luzich was also asked by the producers of the TV program, “Top Gear”, if they could feature his FXX-K EVO in the series premiere episode that year.

As with most other sports, upcoming racing events have temporarily been put on hold due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, when the racing flag drops to signal the start of the next Le Mans competition, there can be little doubt that Luzich Racing will, once again, be at the forefront.

Mr. Luzich understands that in racing, as in business, remaining ahead of the curve is a critical ingredient in achieving success.

For more information about Michael Luzich/Luzich Racing, please visit his racing blog or his Medium account. 

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