Racing is much more than a hobby for some people, it is a significant part of their life. With such a passion for racing and the incredible cars that are created because of it, sports cars have become quite the collector’s item. Sports cars are unique in engineering and style–so unique that some are often unattainable even to the most dedicated collector. These are the rarest sports cars in the world:

McLaren F1 LM

McLaren has made a name for itself in the sports car industry. With some of the most intricately designed cars, many can only dream of ever own one. The normal McLaren F1 has become an icon amongst sports car enthusiasts, with the 5 of these LM versions created to commemorate the F1 GTRs. When the McLaren F1 LM was first created, the official price was never released. However, it is assumed to be worth millions of dollars.

Lamborghini Veneno

Another leader in the sports car industry is Lamborghini. There is a reason not many are able to drive these divine machines. They are an item of luxury that few can afford; and those are just the ones that are available to the public. The Lamborghini Veneno is so rare that there are only 5 built around the world with just three available to purchase at the steep price of  $4,000,000. 

Pagani Zonda Revolucion

Pagani is known for engineering different models of Zondas, however, none are as rare as the Revolucion. The Pagani Zonda Revolucion featured Drag Reduction System (DRS), which allows the driver to adjust the wing angle manually or automatically. The Revolucion utilizes a Mercedes-Benz AMG V12 with over 800bhp, can go up to 217 mph, and only five were ever made. 

Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

A sports car so rare the not many even know of its existence, the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR street-legal version of the manufacturer’s GT1 class Le Mans car. Production of this magnificent car only lasted between 1998 and 1999, with Mercedes-Benz only producing 20 coupes and 6 roadsters. With either version of this car, it can go up to almost 200mph.